Q. Is the guild political?

A. We are pro-Argonia. We have players of all sorts of real world backgrounds and political views; all are welcome.

Q. Do I need to play exclusively with Argonian characters?

A. No – though it is fun to get together for guild events with other Argonians, we don’t expect our members to only use Argonian characters in ESO.

Q. I’m a lower level player who is just starting, is it worth it to join PVP yet?

A. Absolutely – whether high level or low, all players can make an impact when working together in a group. Much of PVP has nothing to do with levels, but with tactics, strategy, and coordination – skills learned by doing.

Q. Is there a cost to be a member?

A. There is no cost to be a member of Make Argonia Great Again. To be a member of our Trade Emporium with full selling rights, however, there is a weekly fee in order to help us secure traders. For those at levels 1-CP 159, it is 1,000 gold. For those above, it is 3,000 gold.

Q. Can I host an event?

A. If you want to lead a PVP night or have another idea for an event, just contact a member of the guild leadership with your idea. We are very open to new ideas, and always looking for people to expand our PVP coverage.